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Design & Sustainable Consultation are becoming more popular across all sectors of construction. Planning at early stages allows owners and architects to implement green concepts to allow for a more sustainable project throughout a building’s lifecycle.

Project Supervision

Construction supervision from IEC – helping you to complete your project on time and on budget, while meeting all relevant regulations and quality standards. Comprehensive Supervision, Inspection and Commissioning Services for all types of Construction

Cost Estimation

We offer an affordable building cost estimating service, which is easily accessible to anyone involved in domestic building projects. Using our own in-house quantification techniques, we will quickly convert your drawings into an accurate labour and materials estimate.


IEC is a very prominent name in the region and with that comes great responsibility. The liability of submitting projects to all the authorities requires thorough review of the design information prepared by others.

A Tender Submissions

We undertake Tender is to invite bids for a project, or to accept a formal offer such as a takeover bid. Tender usually refers to the process whereby governments and financial institutions invite bids for large projects that must be submitted within a finite deadline.

Project Planning

Plan to succeed, With some thoughtful planning you can ensure your project’s success before it begins. From establishing scope and viability, to budget, schedule and team requirements, to process implementation and ongoing evaluation, Spire can help tailor a plan for your specific project needs.